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7 Tips for SBA Loans for Manufacturing Businesses

SBA loans have been very popular with small businesses for quite some time, but the federal government is now overcoming requiring more paperwork on applications for these loans, and fewer...... Read More

How to Get More Cash Flow with Asset-Based Lending

In essence, asset-based lending is a type of financing which occurs when companies receive loans based on the value of their assets. For instance, a company’s Accounts Receivable, its equipment,...... Read More

4 Lessons for Millennial Entrepreneurs

While there are certainly some tremendous success stories for today’s millennials in business, statistics show that millennials have not been as successful from an entrepreneurial standpoint as Generation X individuals...... Read More

Benefits of Bridge Loans for Real Estate Investing

Some people refer to bridge loans as hard money loans, in deference to their being based on physical assets such as real estate. The reason they are considered to be...... Read More