Corporate social responsibility is extremely important. As pointed out by Business News Daily contributor Skye Schooley, investors, customers, and potential employees all take social responsibility into account when choosing which businesses to invest in, buy from, and work for. Keep reading for six tips on how you can make your company stronger in this area.

Align It and Measure It

To make corporate social responsibility routine for your business, it should be both measurable and integrated into your business strategy. For instance, if your business starts an initiative to cut down on paper waste, set up a way to support that effort and track the results.

Gain Support from the Top

To succeed, your company’s responsibility projects will need support from high-level leadership. Gain their buy-in by explaining how social responsibility will help the company, and encourage them to set a good example by taking part in social-responsibility efforts.

Set Up Employees to Succeed

Though employees will likely be eager to participate, they will need some support. To help employees participate in boosting your company’s corporate social responsibility, consider giving them perks like time off for volunteering with a charitable cause.

Build Partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to make your responsibility efforts succeed over the long term. An outside partner can link your company up with new opportunities, while your company can support the partner’s cause with its unique resources. Both sides benefit. 

Keep Hiring in Mind

The hiring process can be another opportunity for social responsibility. For example, as highlighted by Clodagh O’Brien at the Digital Marketing Institute, Starbucks has pledged to give both veterans and young workers special attention during the hiring process.

Continually Solicit Feedback

Managers and executives have different day-to-day experience than lower-level employees. That means they may miss seeing facets of the company that don’t line up with its mission of corporate social responsibility. Asking for feedback can be a way to hear about those problems and fix them.

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