Employees with a good work-life balance will be happier, more productive, and more loyal to your company. Keep reading for six tips on how to foster that balance.

Provide Exercise Options

Exercise is vital to people’s well-being. In fact, the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends adults shoot for at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. That threshold will deliver large health benefits, but it can be tough to reach without support from an employer. Consider offering an onsite gym or an offsite gym membership discount. You can also encourage physical activity in the form of walking meetings.

Be Reasonably Flexible

If an employee is in good standing, do your best to honor their schedule requests. Try not to block vacation requests without good reason, and allow options like telecommuting to cut down on employees’ time spent in traffic. 

Provide Childcare Services

Another way to promote work-life balance is by making it easier for parents to meet both their professional and familial obligations. Options here include onsite childcare services or a discount to offsite services. Teleworking or other flexible work arrangements can help parents as well.

Promote Community Engagement

Your business is a part of its community, and to help your employees feel more connected to both, you can take steps to promote community engagement. For instance, you might designate a certain number of hours per year as volunteer hours, during which employees volunteer for a cause they care about while still being paid by the company.

Model Work-Life Balance

Your company’s leaders should model work-life balance. For example, a manager who constantly sends emails well after the office closes is implying that employees should be around to answer those emails. Discourage such behavior.

Allow Breaks

Employees who try to work for eight hours straight will inevitably burn out and become less effective. Allow for short breaks during the day. Your workers will return more rested and focused.

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