8 Guidelines About Business Etiquette That You Must Follow for Success

As a representative of the company you own or work for, it’s important that you inspire trust and confidence in investors, colleagues, employees, and clients. A significant part of instilling that trust lies in the way you conduct yourself in interactions with others.

Here are some guidelines on business etiquette that ensure you’ll present yourself well.

Be on Time

Whether you are attending meetings in person or online, make it a habit to arrive on time or even a few minutes early. If you are unavoidably late, send a quick text or email to let the others know that you’re on your way.

Focus on the Speakers and Presentations in Meetings

Once meetings have started, close your laptop, put away your phone, and give the speakers and other attendees your undivided attention. Meetings are more productive when people can tune in without distractions.

Limit Your Questions in Meetings

It’s a breach of business etiquette to dominate the questions and answers periods during meetings. Limit your questions to one or two, and if you need further information, communicate with the appropriate person later on.

Ask Before Bringing Your Spouse to a Company Event

It’s not always appropriate to have your spouse or significant other accompany you to company events. Some events are for employees only, and it’s inconsiderate for you to bring your spouse when others are not bringing theirs. If you’re not sure, ask the event coordinator before you go.

Maintain Good Manners at Business Meals

When you have lunch with clients or colleagues, don’t bring uninvited guests. Additionally, remember that your company is being judged by your business etiquette, and maintain good manners at all times.

Show Your Gratitude

People with whom you interact always remember expressions of thankfulness. Fine stationary adds an elegant touch to thank-you notes. Whatever form your gratitude takes, always proofread your notes for spelling, grammar, and conciseness.

Remember That Messages Sent Through Company Channels Are Not Private

When you’re at work, messages that you send via text or email might be inadvertently picked up by anyone. Even if colleagues don’t intercept them right away, they’re probably archived somewhere where they could someday be discovered. Be aware that your communications may be on display and word them appropriately.

Don’t Trim Your Nails at Work

This tip should go without saying. However, too many reports from put-off colleagues necessitate its mention. Do your personal grooming at home or in the restroom.

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