Time is money when it comes to business. While it might seem impractical to spend money to outsource tasks, it makes for a good investment in the long run because it frees up time for billable tasks. Another benefit of paying a vendor or independent contractor to complete the tasks is that you don’t have to take on the burden of a regular employee. Below are several tasks that your business could benefit from outsourcing today.


While many small business owners use cloud-based accounting programs such as QuickBooks, they also hold onto unnecessary staff that could provide them thousands in cost savings. Outsourcing this work to an independent accountant or an agency designed to handle accounting tasks for small businesses is usually a much more cost-effective move for small business owners. Not having to pay for in-house accounting or spend hours doing the work yourself could just free up the time you need to pursue business growth.

Consider Sharing Administrative Costs

Maintaining a physical location and paying for administrative help is such a budget-killer for some small businesses that they have opted to share space and administrative assistance with other companies. These co-working spaces typically don’t require people to sign a long-term lease and can save business owners thousands of dollars every month. This can also be a smart move if you’re just launching a business and want to be move-in ready as quickly as possible.

Marketing and Sales Expenses

Never assume that you need to pay for an expensive marketing campaign when trying to attract more prospects when social media and your business website can do the marketing for you. You can even outsource this task to agencies that specialize in helping companies make the most of their online presence.

These are just three tasks you might wish to consider outsourcing. To brainstorm more ideas on improving efficiency at your small business, contact Purevue Capital today.