The work environment of your office determines the success of your business. A positive environment makes people more productive and happier. A negative environment increases stress and discomfort. Here are four ways you can improve satisfaction in your office to improve working conditions.

Hire great people.

Having the right people in the office affects the working environment. Don’t be afraid to let toxic employees go. Remember the saying, “one bad apple spoils the entire bunch.” One negative employee impacts everyone negatively. 

Provide comfortable desks and equipment.

Most people spend over 40 hours a week in the office. Providing ergonomic equipment and making sure the office is clean goes a long way towards employee satisfaction and productivity. Offering a few amenities, such as flexible hours, standing desks and/or a nice breakroom with drinks and snacks, can keep everyone happier.

Upgrade the lighting.

There’s nothing worse than working in dim lighting. Offer natural lighting if possible, because it will increase people’s moods and energy. If windows aren’t an option, use blue-enriched lights to reduce fatigue in the office. In your break rooms, use warm tones which promote relaxation. Add plants to improve air quality and provide a healthy environment. Think about the space where people work and look for ways to keep it fresh and inviting. 

Communicate well.

Employees want positive reinforcement and communication that demonstrates the value they bring to the company. Communicate your goals for the company to let your team buy in to your vision. Let people know how their work contributes to the overall well-being of your business. Say thank you when someone goes above and beyond. Good employees want more than a paycheck. They want to know that they contribute to a greater purpose.

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