Small business owners often make mistakes when they’re first getting started. Even if you have a bachelor’s degree, it’s a lot different when you’re using your own money in reality versus practicing theories on paper. The key to overcoming mistakes is to learn from them. Businesses fail every day. Yours doesn’t have to. You can succeed. Here are three things you should consider:

Have a detailed business plan.

A business plan can spare you hours of mistakes because you’ll know how much your startup costs will be, who your competitors are and what kind of things that could be problematic. It shows that you’ve thought through the important aspects of your business and are prepared to deal with things. Your business plan will help you get funding, but more importantly, it will be a roadmap for you.

Capitalize on what’s happening good in your business.

Take advantage of good press for marketing. There’s a story of a restaurant owner who got a good review, which brought in business. He was doing so well, he decided to take a vacation. He closed up for a week and lost business because he wasn’t established. He also neglected to have enough savings to close. Subsequently, his business closed for good.

Your enthusiasm isn’t enough.

No matter how much you love doing something, you have to go into business with a different mindset. Your business will not pay the bills unless it can generate a profit. You have to take into consideration all of the business costs, repairs, employees, bookkeeping, marketing and more. The restaurant owner mentioned above loved to cook. What he didn’t enjoy was fixing appliances, keeping up with food costs and feeling stressed when he went home.
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